Offer for hotels and guesthouses

We manufacture mattresses for hotels and guesthouses in standard dimensions and upon special requests.
Contact us, then our representative will familiarize with your requirements and introduce our best offer of mattress. We are assured that it will be very attractive
and will encourage you to cooperate with us.



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  • Cordoba Mattress


    One-sided, medium-firm, bonnell spring mattress.

  • Malaga Mattress

    foam –bonnell– foam

    Two-sided, medium- firm, bonnell spring mattress with coconut mat. 

    Top and the bottom of the mattress are classified as medium-firm of category H3.

  • Monza Mattress

    foam – pocket – foam

    Two-sided , medium-firm, matching the body spring pocketing mattress with 7 zones of firmness. i

  • Pescara Mattress

    foam – pocket 

    One-sided, medium-firm, matching the body, spring pocketing mattress with 7 zones of firmness.

  • Salerno Mattress

    foam –bonnell – coconut

    Two-sided, medium- firm,  bonnell spring mattress with coconut mat.